Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cereal Killers!

Here is an Illustration I did for Von Kreep at 1313 Magazine for his coffee table book titled "Cereal Killers" The book features many awesome Illustrators from the animation industry.


R.Dress said...

What the comments? Damn man. Your work is awesome. My fiend introduced me to your website today. I would be honored to represent your Blog on my links list.

garyfields said...

Your stuff is really great. Saw your website. Very cool well-designed characters, like the good ol' H-B or UPA stuff. Great sense of color, too. How long did you work at AG and are you still there? Is most of your current work for galleries or are you still doing print work? Any kid's books brewing in your brain? Keep up the great work.
Gary Fields

Mukpuddy said...

Man this is killer dude!! Great job!!

Rasmus Moller said...

Hehe...That's god damn funny. Thanks for brightning my day


Lau said...

Hello Johnny, i add myself to the others comments before mines.. i really like your work and the way that you work with colour, it´s very sensitive work.
Excuse my poor english, im from Argentina, and im sending greats for you and yours from here :)
Go on.