Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dirty Flying Ape!

Here's a papier mache flying monkey I made for the "Hank of Oz" show at the Alcove Gallery in Atlanta.

Friday, November 07, 2008

New Target Holiday Gift Cards!

My wife Jen and I designed some Target GiftCards that are in stores now! I designed the Zebra (He's scratch and sniff!) and Jen designed the animals peeking from behind the trees :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show!

Here is the piece I did for the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show.

Osaka Popstar is an awesome Punk/Pop group. Their music is super rad! The group consists of punk rockers from some of my favorite groups of all time, So I was very honored to be included in the show. Plus, a portion of the money will help rescue animals!

Here's a little bio on the the group:

JOHN CAFIERO is the creative force behind Osaka Popstar and this ultra punk pop masterpiece. A long-time collaborator of the Misfits (among other smash hits he produced their visionary Project 1950 record, the highest charting Misfits CD ever), Cafiero grew up in the stellar orbit of the Ramones and the heroic army of first wave New York City punk rockers. Joining him on their debut mission are the AMERICAN LEGENDS OF PUNK, including MARKY RAMONE (THE RAMONES), JERRY ONLY (THE MISFITS), DEZ CADENA (BLACK FLAG), and IVAN JULIAN (RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS). “It’s great to work with your friends and who better for a band than the guys who started the scene?” says Cafiero. “This is my own personal Punk Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.”



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spend your Autumn with the Yanok's!

Hello, shameless plug here. My wife Jen and I recently designed a collection of craft products for K&Co. Jen designed a sweet collection of Halloween items, and I designed a collection of Fall / Thanksgiving items. Both collections are available exclusively at Michael's art & craft stores. Both collections include craft kits, stickers, scrapbook papers, diecuts and more!

Crazy 4 Cult 2

Here's my Piece for the upcoming "Crazy 4 Cult 2 " at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. My piece is based on one of my favorite films, "Pink Flamingos" by John Waters. Starts August 22nd! The show is hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wachi Fichuz! Series 2

Wachi Fichuz is a set of 50 trading cards featuring character illustrations from more than 40 international artists. My pirate and parrot made it onto one of the cards :)
Limited edition of 1000 copies!

More info on the Trading Cards can be found by clicking on the Headline of this post :)

Here is the list of artists featured on the cards:

Wachi Fichuz! Crew (Argentina)
Alberto Cerriteño (Mexico)
Andrés Cambiasso (Argentina)
Antiheroe (Spain)
Brad Simon (USA)
Christian Montenegro (Argentina)
Cristian Turdera (Argentina)
Daniele De Batté (Italy)
doc_xero (Argentina)
Eduardo Recife (Brasil)
El Gato Chimney (Italy)
FingerHouse (Mexico)
ilsantito (Argentina)
Jeremyville (Australia)
Johan Potma (Germany)
Johnny Yanok (USA)
Jokos (Argentina)
Jon Burgerman (UK)
Juju's Delivery (Germany)
Julie West (UK)
Junkhouse (South Korea)
Lala Ladcani (Argentina)
Linzie Hunter (UK)
M. Patate (France)
Malota (Spain)
Maxi Luchini (Argentina)
Meomi (USA)
Michael Slack (USA)
Miss Ruido (Argentina)
Nick Deakin (UK)
nïniötrësdë (Colombia)
Rey Misterio (Argentina)
Seaurchin (Argentina)
Sol Linero (Argentina)
Veranoentuano (Spain)
Vonster (USA)
Yaiagift (Argentina)