Friday, February 15, 2008

Wachi Fichuz! Series 2

Wachi Fichuz is a set of 50 trading cards featuring character illustrations from more than 40 international artists. My pirate and parrot made it onto one of the cards :)
Limited edition of 1000 copies!

More info on the Trading Cards can be found by clicking on the Headline of this post :)

Here is the list of artists featured on the cards:

Wachi Fichuz! Crew (Argentina)
Alberto Cerriteño (Mexico)
Andrés Cambiasso (Argentina)
Antiheroe (Spain)
Brad Simon (USA)
Christian Montenegro (Argentina)
Cristian Turdera (Argentina)
Daniele De Batté (Italy)
doc_xero (Argentina)
Eduardo Recife (Brasil)
El Gato Chimney (Italy)
FingerHouse (Mexico)
ilsantito (Argentina)
Jeremyville (Australia)
Johan Potma (Germany)
Johnny Yanok (USA)
Jokos (Argentina)
Jon Burgerman (UK)
Juju's Delivery (Germany)
Julie West (UK)
Junkhouse (South Korea)
Lala Ladcani (Argentina)
Linzie Hunter (UK)
M. Patate (France)
Malota (Spain)
Maxi Luchini (Argentina)
Meomi (USA)
Michael Slack (USA)
Miss Ruido (Argentina)
Nick Deakin (UK)
nïniötrësdë (Colombia)
Rey Misterio (Argentina)
Seaurchin (Argentina)
Sol Linero (Argentina)
Veranoentuano (Spain)
Vonster (USA)
Yaiagift (Argentina)

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